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A Message to Garcia for Kids

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The General held up an envelope. Inside was a top-secret message meant for Garcia's eyes only.

There were two people in the world the General would trust with that envelope: Garcia and Rowan. The General began to explain how important it was to find Garcia and that no one knew where he was. Rowan held up his hand.

"I'll find him," said Rowan.

Rowan didn't ask for hints about where Garcia was.

He didn't complain about how hard the journey would be.

And he didn't ask why he was the one who had to do it when the General had a whole army of soldiers.

He just took the letter from the General's hand, carefully tucked it into the pocket over his heart, and took off into the jungle.

Rowan conquered danger at every turn...

He out-climbed prowling (and hungry!) jungle cats. He crept past sneaky and slithering snakes.

He didn't have any ropes, so he built some out of tree vines and soared over lake after lake of deep, murky quicksand.

There was no time to sleep, eat, or even ask for directions. Rowan had to keep moving through the steamy jungle and get the message to Garcia.

Four days after leaving the General's tent, a sweaty and starving Rowan marched out of the jungle and into Garcia's camp.

He placed the secret message straight into Garcia's hands. The General sent me. This is for you, he said.

Garcia looked at the strange, quiet man and thanked him. Rowan nodded, turned around and walked back into the jungle, back to his small cabin in the small clearing by the small stream, back to his daily chores... but always ready to drop everything should the General ever need him again.

After all, that's what mattered most to Rowan: being the first person everyone turned to when they needed to get the job done.

Discussion questions:

  1. Why was the General happy to see Rowan walk into his tent?
  2. What happened in the story that helps you understand why the General trusted Rowan so much?
  3. What could you do to be more like Rowan in your life?
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Rowan Awards for kids

Kids' awards

Pass out these printable awards when you see your kids showing initiative like Rowan.

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Lessons learned from Rowan:

  1. Even if it gets tough, always keep going until the work is done.
  2. Always be ready to help when you're needed.
  3. It's nice when people feel like they can
    count on you.

Rowan to the Rescue

Rowan to the Rescue

Download and print our kid's version of A Message to Garcia – includes illustrations and discussion questions to help your kids understand the importance of working hard and taking initiative.

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