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A Message to Garcia for Kids

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The General stared down at the map stretched across his desk. Mosquitoes

Sweat dripped down his neck. Mosquitoes buzzed in his ears. The General was very worried.

"Where is Garcia?" he thought.

The General had sent Garcia out into the deep, dark jungle to track down and spy on the enemy's camp. Garcia was supposed to send word to the General once he found them. But weeks and weeks had gone by with nothing from Garcia.

How could the General and his men defeat the enemy without knowing where they were? And what if something happened to Garcia?

In times like this, there was only one man the General could turn to: Rowan.

Rowan lived alone in a small cabin in a small clearing by a small stream deep in the jungle.

He had built his cabin with his own two hands and had even trained the monkeys that lived near him to help with his daily chores! As you can see, Rowan was a man of many talents.

Just as the General turned to ask a soldier to fetch Rowan from his small cabin in the jungle, Rowan himself marched straight into the General's tent.

I heard about Garcia. I came to see if I could help.

The General breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, there was hope.

No Gomo™

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Rowan Awards for kids

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Pass out these printable awards when you see your kids showing initiative like Rowan.

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Rowan to the Rescue

Rowan to the Rescue

Download and print our kid's version of A Message to Garcia – includes illustrations and discussion questions to help your kids understand the importance of working hard and taking initiative.

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