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Bookmark is the web's home for the classic essay about initiative and responsibility, "A Message to Garcia." is the site's publisher. You can learn more about us here, but in a nutshell, we're a relatively small group of people in Richmond, Virginia, who've been trying to help the world be a better place since 1998 (before that, too ... we just weren't all together at the time).

This work comes as a result of a great deal of initiative and effort that began over 100 years ago just after dinner by a man named Elbert Hubbard.

Actually, it really began when Rowan did the work he was asked to do.

No Gomo™

gomo:(go-mo) noun: a person who goes through the motions

Don't go through the motions in 2016. Be more like all those people you admire.

Check out for fresh ways to encourage your people to commit, complain less, create their own luck, be resilient, and have a positive attitude towards service.

Short. No-fluff. Real.

Don't be a Gomo.

Printable booklet

Printable booklet

Download and print the free "Be Like Rowan" booklet – includes Hubbard's essay, as well as worksheets and reminders.

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